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Spring Fashion Trends 2012

Spring Fashion Trends 2012

While we’re certainly not advocating that it’s essential to keep up with spring fashion trends whenever you step out of your front door, we do enjoy a good ogle at what’s hot in the style-stakes every now and then.

But no one wants to be seen as a fashion victim, and dressing head to toe in every spring fashion trend going is never a good look. So spend wisely on a few key pieces and you’ll have enough cash left over for the important things in life – like gigs, theatre, and hanging out with your friends. Without further ado, here’s our rundown of the most prominent spring fashion trends of 2012…

Spring Fashion Trend 1: Colour Blocking
The notion of clashing bold blocks of color all in one outfit has been around for a few seasons, but it’s only now the sun is finally coming out again, that we’re beginning to fall for this key trend.

But fear not, color blocking doesn’t have to be totally OTT. Stick to colors in the same palette and you won’t end up looking like a kids’ TV presenter from the 1980s.

Image: Just Female Knitted Dress in Stripe Colorblock £85; David David Block Color T-Shirt £70; Shift Dress in Color Block £38, all from ASOS.

Spring Fashion Trend 2: Sports Luxe
It’s probably got something to do with the fact the Olympics are hitting town this summer. If it’s not that, we’re not sure what’s got the fashion pack hailing this as the next spring fashion trend to indulge in.

For sports luxe, it’s all about mixing slinky hoodies with pencil skirts and heels. Sound horrific? Yeah, we’re not keen on it either. Still, if you want to look sporty without parading your sweat patches in a gym, then sports luxe is the way to go. You just won’t see us teaming a hoodie with a pair of heels though.

Image: Neon Zip Parka £70, ASOS; Rock and Candy Lulu Wedge Trainer £65, Office; Sweatshirt with Zip at Back £19.99, Zara.

Spring Fashion Trend 3: Super Prints
Prints are everywhere this season. Perhaps it’s as some sort of compensation for not being able to afford a holiday in Hawaii that we’re obsessing over palm fronds on peg-leg trousers. Or maybe we’re just so bored of our drab winter wardrobes that we’re going all out on as many prints as possible.

Whatever the reason, this has to be our favourite of the spring fashion trends for 2012. We’ll just be steering clear of the overpriced designer prints and opting for high street, that’s all.

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